Stream Restoration in Pennsylvania

Shortly after traveling to PA to film the reclamation project, I had to travel back and tell a new story. I learned a few things from the last shoot and this shoot I wanted to have a two camera set up for the interviews. C100 was the wide on tripod, and 5D was on a monopod. We were also using a 4 in 1 reflector disc and used the disc with diffusion only to help with the 10am sunlight. We had challenged with the disc blowing in the wind, so I’ll have to revisit how to do this differently.

This is such a beautiful part of the country. We stayed for three nights. On the first morning we got up before sunrise and found a three locations to get our “beauty shots” of the creek. The C100 did a great job retaining highlights, which helped with the grade for those shots.

Footage shot on Canon C100 and 5D Mark III using Tokina 11-16, Canon 70-200 and Canon 24-70. Colored with Colorista II.

Traveling to PA with the C100: Marcellus Reclamation Project

This project was up in Pennsylvania and was to highlight the reclamation work Anadarko did to the land after installing pipeline. This was a fun project and a first traveling with the C100. C100 was awesome and I love how mobile and light it is. It’s still easy to get those low shots on the ground and easy to find your focus with peaking. We didn’t bring much lighting gear since we new this would be shot outside, therefor I found a shaded area to do the interviews and just rotated direction for a different background. All footage was shot in log and graded with Colorista II.

Footage shot on Canon C100 using Tokina 11-16, Canon 70-200 and Canon 24-70. Shot interviews with natural light underneath a shaded area.