Long Spring Life Flight Landing Zone

We went back up to Pennsylvania to tell this awesome story of high-schooler, Brice Bason, building a Life Flight landing pad. We took a good amount of gear (again) and brought the pocket jib traveler and GoPro. I really wanted to get some great shots of the helicopter landing on the pad. Unfortunately on the day of the shoot, the helicopter was called off to go to an emergency (at least it was going to help someone!. We had to contract a freelancer to go back and shoot a few pickup shots of the helicopter. The GoPro was planted into the ground to capture a landing. I believe we set it at 720 to record 120 fps. Other than missing the helicopter, we had a great shoot. The family was so nice and they had a beautiful plot of land.

Footage shot on Canon C100, Canon 5D III and GoPro. Canon 24-70, Tokina 11-16, 70-200. Colored with Colorista II.

Careers in the Geosciences at Anadarko

This is one of my favorite pieces for Anadarko and it took a year before we had it completed. This project tested my patience as it was very difficult to schedule most of these people. Each sequence was fully scripted and it came together very easily. We wanted this video to have a handheld feel and be less corporate. Lots of challenges along the way, but we were able to overcome! We started out shooting the first scene with the 5D. By the time we picked shooting back up, we had purchased the C100, therefore most of the scenes were shot with the C100 on a handheld rig.

Footage shot on Canon C100 and Canon 5D III. Canon 24-70, Tokina 11-16, 70-200. Colored with Colorista II.