Shooting in 110° Heat in South Texas: Eagleford Reclamation

We rented the GH4 for this shoot for it’s 96 fps slow motion. The super slow movement looks great, but the image is a bit soft. Overall, I loved shooting with this camera outdoors. Had to use the view finder quite a bit since it was very bright. There are a few shots in there shot at 4k. The clarity is amazing.

We didn’t mean to shoot the interviews at 1p in the afternoon in South Texas, but that’s just how it unfolded. It was hot the whole day, but at this point it reached 110. I set up a 4×4 Scrim Jim to diffuse the sun. Second camera was on monopod using the 5D.

Footage shot on GH4, Canon C300, 5D. Canon 24-70, Tokina 11-16, 70-200. Colored with Colorista II.