From Houston to Memphis: Telling the story of Sky High for St. Jude

Deciding how to tell the story of Sky High for St. Jude and Anadarko’s partnership was a challenge. We needed to be sensitive in how we showed the kids, but also show how Sky High and Anadarko work together. We decided to focus on the journey of two Anadarko employees and how they helped contribute to the organization and a carnival event that would be held in Memphis. We wanted to show the preparations in Houston and then transition to the actual events in Memphis. We filmed over a period of two weeks to capture all our scenes.

I needed to have a transition shot from Houston to Memphis and thought this might be a perfect opportunity to use the DJI Phantom and get an aerial of downtown Memphis. I scouted the shot in Google Earth, which made it very simple to shoot without any guess work. I did have issues with the compass not calibrating, probably related to being in downtown, not sure. The second aerial shot was used by permission from another freelancer at the event. Stock footage had to be used at the unveiling ceremony and St. Jude campus. We were not allowed to film on their campus, unfortunately.

At the carnival, I primary used the 6D on either the Stedicam or monopod. I wanted to keep the camera small and not intimidating. GoPro was used in timelapse mode to capture set-up of the carnival.

Interviews shot on Canon C100, BROLL shot on Canon 6D, GoPro and DJI Phantom. Canon 24-70, Canon 16-35, Tokina 11-16. Color and Grade with Colorista II.