From Houston to Memphis: Telling the story of Sky High for St. Jude

Deciding how to tell the story of Sky High for St. Jude and Anadarko’s partnership was a challenge. We needed to be sensitive in how we showed the kids, but also show how Sky High and Anadarko work together. We decided to focus on the journey of two Anadarko employees and how they helped contribute to the organization and a carnival event that would be held in Memphis. We wanted to show the preparations in Houston and then transition to the actual events in Memphis. We filmed over a period of two weeks to capture all our scenes.

I needed to have a transition shot from Houston to Memphis and thought this might be a perfect opportunity to use the DJI Phantom and get an aerial of downtown Memphis. I scouted the shot in Google Earth, which made it very simple to shoot without any guess work. I did have issues with the compass not calibrating, probably related to being in downtown, not sure. The second aerial shot was used by permission from another freelancer at the event. Stock footage had to be used at the unveiling ceremony and St. Jude campus. We were not allowed to film on their campus, unfortunately.

At the carnival, I primary used the 6D on either the Stedicam or monopod. I wanted to keep the camera small and not intimidating. GoPro was used in timelapse mode to capture set-up of the carnival.

Interviews shot on Canon C100, BROLL shot on Canon 6D, GoPro and DJI Phantom. Canon 24-70, Canon 16-35, Tokina 11-16. Color and Grade with Colorista II.

Red Hawk Artificial Reef

This was one of my favorite films we produced at Anadarko. We were tasked to tell the story of a decommision project, but to also talk about the artificial reef that would be made with the remains of the spar. My co-worker and I scrited the narraration and gave direction to our crew out in the gulf of mexico. We saw an opportunitiy to use 3D animation to help demonstrate the decommision process. 3D was created in Cinema 4D.

Studio interviews were shot in our studio. We had shot these ourself and designed the backdrop. There was a lot of sound design in this piece to help the ambient feel that we were in the Gulf of Mexico.

Shot on Canon C300 and C100. Color and Grade with Colorista II.

Shooting in 110° Heat in South Texas: Eagleford Reclamation

We rented the GH4 for this shoot for it’s 96 fps slow motion. The super slow movement looks great, but the image is a bit soft. Overall, I loved shooting with this camera outdoors. Had to use the view finder quite a bit since it was very bright. There are a few shots in there shot at 4k. The clarity is amazing.

We didn’t mean to shoot the interviews at 1p in the afternoon in South Texas, but that’s just how it unfolded. It was hot the whole day, but at this point it reached 110. I set up a 4×4 Scrim Jim to diffuse the sun. Second camera was on monopod using the 5D.

Footage shot on GH4, Canon C300, 5D. Canon 24-70, Tokina 11-16, 70-200. Colored with Colorista II.

Long Spring Life Flight Landing Zone

We went back up to Pennsylvania to tell this awesome story of high-schooler, Brice Bason, building a Life Flight landing pad. We took a good amount of gear (again) and brought the pocket jib traveler and GoPro. I really wanted to get some great shots of the helicopter landing on the pad. Unfortunately on the day of the shoot, the helicopter was called off to go to an emergency (at least it was going to help someone!. We had to contract a freelancer to go back and shoot a few pickup shots of the helicopter. The GoPro was planted into the ground to capture a landing. I believe we set it at 720 to record 120 fps. Other than missing the helicopter, we had a great shoot. The family was so nice and they had a beautiful plot of land.

Footage shot on Canon C100, Canon 5D III and GoPro. Canon 24-70, Tokina 11-16, 70-200. Colored with Colorista II.

Careers in the Geosciences at Anadarko

This is one of my favorite pieces for Anadarko and it took a year before we had it completed. This project tested my patience as it was very difficult to schedule most of these people. Each sequence was fully scripted and it came together very easily. We wanted this video to have a handheld feel and be less corporate. Lots of challenges along the way, but we were able to overcome! We started out shooting the first scene with the 5D. By the time we picked shooting back up, we had purchased the C100, therefore most of the scenes were shot with the C100 on a handheld rig.

Footage shot on Canon C100 and Canon 5D III. Canon 24-70, Tokina 11-16, 70-200. Colored with Colorista II.

Safety Matters in West Texas

This shoot was all the way out in west Texas (Pecos, TX). It was quite the drive, but it turned into a beautiful Texas atmosphere. I rented the 24-105 for the shoot. I wanted to shoot a handheld feel for the beginning sequence and out of the car a bit. The IS was awesome and definitely helped out on these shots. It was hard to find a decent interview location for the two school representatives. I ended up shooting one in their gym and the second was shot in an auditorium.

Footage shot on Canon C100. Canon 24-105, Tokina 11-16, Canon 24-70, 70-200. Colored with Colorista II.

Shooting with the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler: Hackett Tower Completion

I had an amazing opportunity to shoot a finished commercial building, and what better to use to capture the essence of the space than to use the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler. This jib is awesome because of how light it is. It was very easy to move from one location to the next. I like how this piece turned out and tried to mimic shots found on travel channel and House Hunters.

Footage shot on Canon C100 using Pocket Jib Traveler. Mostly shot on the Tokina 11-16. Colored with Colorista II.

Capturing an artwork install: Anadarko Commitment to the Arts

Anadarko had just finish building their second town and they wanted to top it off with a new piece of artwork in the lobby. It was pretty awesome to see the art being assembled. They shipped the pieces from the artist’s studio and then had to assemble to remaining parts. I knew I had to get a timelapse of them completing and hanging the art work on the wall. The hardest part was anticipating what was next. There was a lot of waiting around and the milestone type shots happened within seconds.

Footage shot on Canon C100, 5D Mark III for timelapse. Tokina 11-16, Canon 70-200 and Canon 24-70. Colored with Colorista II.

Anadarko 2013 Veterans Day

This was a quick promo from the Veterans Day event held at Anadarko. I brought the GoPro to capture a few timelapses of the crowd. The timelapses at the begining of the video were done by the 5D. There is also a few shots in there from the Nikon D800 (shot by another guy in our group). I think the Nikon and Canon matched pretty well after some coloring.

Footage shot on Canon C100, Nikon D800 and 5D Mark III using Tokina 11-16, Canon 70-200 and Canon 24-70. Colored with Colorista II.

Stream Restoration in Pennsylvania

Shortly after traveling to PA to film the reclamation project, I had to travel back and tell a new story. I learned a few things from the last shoot and this shoot I wanted to have a two camera set up for the interviews. C100 was the wide on tripod, and 5D was on a monopod. We were also using a 4 in 1 reflector disc and used the disc with diffusion only to help with the 10am sunlight. We had challenged with the disc blowing in the wind, so I’ll have to revisit how to do this differently.

This is such a beautiful part of the country. We stayed for three nights. On the first morning we got up before sunrise and found a three locations to get our “beauty shots” of the creek. The C100 did a great job retaining highlights, which helped with the grade for those shots.

Footage shot on Canon C100 and 5D Mark III using Tokina 11-16, Canon 70-200 and Canon 24-70. Colored with Colorista II.