Mi Luna Mexican Restaurant Commercial Spot

This :30 second spot was produced to showcase Mi Luna’s new lunch menu. The client wanted to incorporate the existing menu design, food photos and motion graphics. To achieve the same look as the menu I used elements from the clients Illustrator file of the actual menu.

A problem arose the day of shooting. We had an overcast sky and needed to have a front shot of the building. Because of the time of day we shot, the sky was blown out. To correct this I did a sky replacement and color correction to the shot. See comparison below:

Sky Replacement Example
Footage shot on Panasonic HVX200, Canon 60D with Canon 17-50MM.

Shot, Editing, Motion Graphics and Sky Replacement by Cody Walters
Produced by Corina Allen, RSS Advertising

Top Spot Call Tracking Promotional Video

TopSpot needed a way to visually show clients how their call tracking software operated. This video was created to show that process. This video used an interview, a few b-roll shots, screen capture and motion graphics to demonstrate the call tracking process.

Footage shot on Canon 60D using Canon 50mm and 17-50mm.

Shot, Edit, Motion Graphics and Screen Capture by Cody Walters
Produced by Video Slim

Blackbird Trading Co Commercial Spot

This :30 commercial spot video was one in a series of three spots for Blackbird Trading Company. The goal for the video was to highlight new and used clothes and accessories as well as introduce a new location in The Woodlands.

Footage was shot on a Canon 60D, Tamron 17-50mm. Support gear included slider, tripod and softbox lighting.

Videographer/Editor/Graphics: Cody Walters
Producer: Corina Allen, RSS Advertising

Bison ProFab Testimonial

This testimonial video features Bison ProFab and their success with their newly designed website by TopSpot Internet Marketing. The production included a sit-down interview, b-roll footage of Bison ProFab’s facility and live screen capture of their new website. Motion graphics were added to illustrate the statistical success of the new website.

Footage Shot on Canon 7D using Canon 50mm and Canon 17-50mm.

Shot, Editing and Motion Graphics by Cody Walters
Produced by Video Slim